Hellllo, i got out early today for thanksgiving tomorrow! So i had free time and took some pictures (the first four are from last night). Are you celebrating thanksgiving? I know i'm gonna eat until i fall asleep!!!

gaga ooh-lalaaaaa



i suck at posting. i need to try harder.
whats been going on with you guys lately??

MY past two weeks:

1. girls preparing for volleyball senior night!
2. one of the five shirts i made for our senior girls
3. me and my best friend, teppi, walking into our fall sports banquet
4. my coach and i! ahahha sums up our relationship basically
5. the day my mom gave me 4 exclusive new moon tickets!
6. me and teppi at the exclusive preview of new moon
7. teppi, katie, nads waiting for 3.5 hours in the theater!
8. goofing around at school.

post more later!



blows. BIG TIME; i'm stuck doing my rancid history homework that consists of reading a textbook and taking notes for countless hours. shoot me now. i'll put up some pictures tomorrow that my friend Anna took of me for a photo project. <3! leave comments with questions about me; i'm thinking of doing a post on "questions frequently asked".



i was looking online today and i realized how much i want money to go winter shopping! some things:

i need new winter accessories too, but i cannot look through them online because there are just too many and it gives me a headache!



okay, so i have been on hiatus for more than enough time and i'm just gonna restart my whole blog. school makes everything more difficult, but i'll try to update more.